Monday, 15 September 2014

Latest Party Wear Sarees Design

A sari is among the oldest surviving fashion statement. The origin of sarees can be traced thousands of years back and even cultural invasions, colonization and globalization of style, fashion and cultural ethos failed to diminish the popularity of this unique attire. Sarees bring elegance and style to its wearer and are available in vast range of fabrics such as silk, Georgette and Banarasi net Sarees.

Georgette saree is summer friendly i.e. the fabric helps you in staying cool and is dashingly light weight. Look gorgeous with Georgette sarees as they are aesthetically designed with delicate and soft textures, to make it a comfortable wear.

Pink, Lime, indigo are my personal favorite colors when it comes to net sarees. Sarees made with net usually look best on ladies with a well-toned body and a long, well-shaped, slim torso.

Another hit the Banarasi silk saree. A Banarasi saree can never fail to flatter a woman. It is an instant fashion statement.
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Monday, 8 September 2014

Bridal Sarees- Ladies Apparel For Weddings

For a girl, the most precious day of her life would surely be her wedding day, when she stands as a bride. Every girl wants to look exceptionally attractive on this occasion. The bridal dress 'Sarees' is of great importance in any wedding. Every bride's ultimate dream is to look amazingly beautiful on this day.

Bridal Sarees are made with a lot of detail. Heavy embroidery is done on the entire Saree, specially the end piece which is to cover the bride's head.  All types of Fabric like chiffon, silk, Georgette, Kanjivaram silk , dupion silk saree and net saree etc are used with different designs and materials.

Bridal Sarees are typically available in the shades of red. This is the color considered suitable for the bride, socially. But with the changing trends Bridal Sarees are now available in a number of colors like green, pink, peach, blue and even black.

Indians as well as women from west have adorned Indian bridal sarees at various occasions due to their frenzy and dashing look, to be the trendsetter with this line of clothing. Make your D-Day memorable by adorning a stunning one!